Computer on desk

Remember when technology was going to simplify our lives? Well now it can.

At Vantis Networks we know you're really good at what you do, but let's face it - to be the best at what you do means you can't waste your time struggling with your computers. Business owners spend thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours trying to make technology work for them. The headaches, updates, wires and cables can be a thing of your past.

You take care of your customers, let us take care of you!

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Instead of a full computer on every desk that will break and need updating; our Virtual Desktop system runs all your applications from one central server
  • Eliminate down time and save money with our monthly software rental program
  • Work from anywhere that has an Internet connection

Hosted PBX/Phone Systems

  • Extremely reliable and affordable office phone system with easy to understand bills!
  • Allows you to transfer calls between multiple locations and allows your other phones (cell, home office, golf course, etc) to ring when your office phone rings
  • Get your voicemails and faxes sent to your email and never have to 'press 7' again!

Hosting and Web Development

  • Not only can we register your domain name, we can help you find that perfect available .com with our innovative 'checkit' system
  • Web hosting and email hosting with simple bills that won't break the bank
  • We'll sit down with you and help you find what you actually need from your website and can afford. We even do it in plain english instead of technospeak!
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